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After twelve years of participating with Aetna, Violet Family Dental will no longer do so as of August 16, 2021. This was an extremely difficult decision and is due to ongoing challenges in working with the company. 


Dentistry has changed dramatically over the last couple of decades, and we have made every effort and investment to have a well-educated, well-equipped, top-notch staff. We intend to continue to provide you with the dental health care that you deserve and to which you have become accustomed. Unfortunately, Aetna has recently cut reimbursement to Violet Family Dental by over 40 percent, and the fee schedule now in place simply does not take into account the reality of current costs. While we have agreed to write off significant portions of our fees in the past, I no longer feel that we can do so to the same extent without compromising care. We have voiced our concerns to Aetna, but they have not been willing to work with us. 


To our Aetna patients, thank you for your confidence; we will continue to provide you with the best dental care and service as always. Many of you will not even notice a difference in out-of-pocket expenses, as we fall within Aetna’s usual, customary, and reasonable (UCR) fees.


I know that some of our patients may choose to transfer to a participating provider. To those patients, our sincere apologies, and rest assured that our staff will work diligently to make your transition to a new office as smooth as possible.  


To express any displeasure, I encourage you to contact Aetna directly, or contact your HR department to discuss the service we have provided you over the years. My staff is also available for any questions you may have concerning the impending changes. Please know that you matter to us. 



Donna C. Noll, DDS

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